KK Hair Growth Oil

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Keyanta Koils Hair Growth Oil is 100% Natural 

  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Helps with scalp inflammation 
  • Rebuilds hair follicles
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Rejuvenates hair
  • Kid friendly 

KK Hair Growth Oil can be used on women, men, children, and used for thickening hair, strengthening hair, lengthening hair. Men can use on beards and mustaches.


Take a before picture & again in 4 weeks

Spray KK Hair Growth Oil on desired area, thinning hair and/or itchy scalp.

Must use 3-5 times a week

Expect results in 4-6 weeks

Size: 4 FL OZ 

Note: KK Hair Growth Oil may also be used for Hot Oil Treatments.

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), Golden Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Orange Bitter Essential Oil, Peppermint Supreme Essential Oil & Love